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Frameless Folding Sliding Glass Doors

We specialise in the manufacture, supply and installation of Frameless Folding Sliding Glass Doors. Our innovative technology brings world class style and design to your home. The installation process is quick and seamless and easily incorporated into any modern architectural design framework. 

Frameless glass doors are robust enough to handle strong winds and extreme weather patterns while bringing elegance and security to your home. Modern home design seeks to make the exterior environment part of your living space, without limiting this wth sight-lines and window frames. Natural lighting effects through the glass doors brings a room to life. 

Frameless folding glass doors can also be installed with various heights and widths and allows you to find the perfect combination of view and flexility. Frameless glass door designs are suitable for all external enclosures, such as balconies, terraces, patios, restaurant areas and stadium and hotel suites. 

In addition frameless doors can create flexible open spaces internally such as room dividers for both living and working environments, such as open plan offices.

The first glass panel acts as a single entry point, with each individual panel then sliding open independently to fold. You can have as much or as little of the glass wall open at any time. 

The system can also be made to open internally or externally and fold to the left or the right or split to fold on both sides. We can even include segmented curved radius openings.

Frameless Sliding Glass Doors Cape Town

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Folding Sliding Glass Door Ideas



The Benefits and Features of Frameless Folding Sliding Glass Doors

Frameless folding sliding glass doors have come to represent the ultimate in style and luxury. This is not surprising, given that frameless glass doors have so many advantages.

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