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Frameless Glass Elevator Shafts

Glass elevators create the most stunning statement for any public building, and glass lift shaft enclosures are more and more often used in the construction industry for high-rise offices, corporate buildings, shopping malls and government buildings.

Elevator shafts are encased in toughened, laminated glass panels secured with stainless steel spider fittings. Shaft glazing allows you to obtain the effect of an open space.

The most important considerations when selecting frameless glass for elevator lift shafts and escalators are design, load and safety as per SABS SANS 1063 -1

Combining the right thickness toughened, laminated glass will achieve public safety. 

Other technical aspects include glass dimensions, thickness, finish and appearance. 

For improved aesthetic appeal, coloured and textured glass can be used to change the appearance of depth, visibility or light diffusion.

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