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Structural frameless glass is a fantastic alternative to traditional framed glass facades. Creating entire walls of glass creates many glass design options, not least of which is that glass becomes the most prominent feature of the facade.

Custom fastening details can be applied to the largest panes of high specification glass so that there is no visible frame or fixing.

The key design element of structural glass is that there is no frame. The glass units are attached to the building's structure using either channels or angles that are designed to be hidden away.

Structural glass is not governed by maximum glass size or weight restrictions. On most projects the only restriction on glass size will be what sizes can be procured and their cost.

Glass facades allow for broad ranges of glass thickness, coatings and tintings. In addition responsive glass design can incorporate heating, privacy and electro-chromic technologies.

Glass can accommodate decorative finishes such as logos and other printed patterns. Structural glass also allows for bespoke glass designs, incorporating lamination and decoration all within one application.

Custom structural glass design allows for different shapes, curves and angles. This means that glass may be added to existing structures with ease.

Frameless Glass Cape Town

Our team have extensive experience in what we do. We have worked on several challenging projects and obtain the expertise to advise on a variety of frameless glass applications. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


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